Friday, July 15, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #50

In which Your Humble Blogger expresses disbelief: She's been at this blogging project for fifty entries now, eh?

"My Favorite Song"

Imagine a road trip, a moment,
Perhaps, on the second night of it.
The road is still running; the road
Is holding on to a lullaby
Promised ahead. The radio signal
Has long since retreated. The light, too,
Though there's a last candle bloom of it
Far off, waiting with that lullaby,
Making the shadows into mountains.
Imagine that, leaning toward that light,
You're suddenly caught by notes of your
Reflection, pale as paper, in the window.
You think of yourself jumping road signs,
And with that thought, you realize,
Even in this clipped part of the land,
Even on this quiet stretch of travel,
What dancing is. Now lay your forehead
Against the nighttime glass – or, at least,
Imagine so, and know that that's it.
The night is on, and so is the music.
It's a song I love for many reasons,
Not the least of which is that
Now, on your road, you've heard it, too.

* * *

I guess it's just culturally ingrained in me, but it seemed like the fiftieth post should be a reflection or celebration of some kind. So I'm posting a poem in which I revisit an idea -- music on a night road trip -- that I tackled before, this time approaching it with structured sentences. One good thing I can say about this project is that it's helped me identify even more ways that I can reinterpret ideas, and it's given me chances to go back, long after I've written pieces, and evaluate them to see how they can be revised.

Another good thing is that it's gotten a few people here, reading and talking with me and joining me for these strange little melodies of art that we sometimes hear in our heads. :) Even if you aren't posting here, thanks again for the companionship -- know that I appreciate it.

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