Sunday, January 24, 2016

Philip Levine

News from the world of poetry isn't the kind of news that always makes it through the chatter; if you're not keeping up on your reading or your podcasts, you might miss some of it. I was sad and ashamed to learn only recently that Philip Levine, one of my favorite poets, died last year.

Yep, he was old, but he knew what it was like to be tired, and lacking money, and worked to the bone by some demanding jobs, yet still in love with the world. If that doesn't make him a poet for our age, I don't know what does.

Read "What Work Is" by Philip Levine

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"There Are No Carriages or Footmen in the Suburbs"

Heya! I have to say, I like this possible trend of being able to announce stories getting published at the start of the year.

I've known that this story was going to be featured on Black Denim Lit for some time; now I'm very happy to get to share it with you. It features Death moving into a suburban duplex, so I hope you enjoy it!

Click this link to read "There Are No Carriages or Footmen in the Suburbs"

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 in Notes

When you work on writing stories, it's hard to show people what you're working on via social media or a website because, oops, putting stuff online usually counts as publishing it in the eyes of magazine editors that prefer to be the first publishers.

But held up between my fingers is 2015 in my notebook. This is where most of my Saturday and Sunday mornings or afternoons went after I got my shit back together in the spring; this is my year in review, heh. For a lot of these stories, this is closest they'll get to being seen, because the work was just practice or wasn't good enough. Others have been read aloud or will be read aloud. And some of those I hope to collect with other ones in a pretty package later this year.

I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone else interested in the moderately insane craft of writing, and I'm certainly not saying I'm harder working. Just that I tried, and I hope to try some more, and I'm out here, and thank you.