Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Poetry, Embarrassing Poetry, and Caffeine

Bless the Internet for giving us so many fun things to read and read about while we're supposed to be working.

First, I heard this poem read aloud on a podcast the other day and found it quite creepy. So many interesting things can be done with rhyme and form: Don Paterson's "The Lie"

And then there are the things, equally interesting but creepy for different reasons, that result from the rhyme and form writers try to employ when they're in their teens and getting used to their voice. I went to this site because of Felicia Day and wish I had found it sooner (because then my old poetry might have had a great home, hee hee!): Mortified

Finally, I am curious about this: Killer explosive Pepsi?

Thanks for stopping by to check out these links. I wish to update this blog more, but many of the things that intrigue me during the day end up being written about in my little red private notebook. And without those to mention, I'm pretty boring.