Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mary Dempsey responds to suggestion that Illinois shoot itself in the right foot as well as the left

Just a couple minutes ago, a link was posted to this article. It's a response from Chicago Public Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey to a Fox News Chicago "Special Report" that, through its positioning and language, suggested that libraries are a waste of money for budget-screwed Illinois.

It seems especially irresponsible that, in a time of financial need for so many people, a news outlet tried to deride libraries, which offer so many educational and life-improving services to the public for free, as a waste. I think Mary Dempsey's response is very well-written.

I know I shouldn't be surprised at the slant Fox News opened this report with. I'm not. Just saddened.

Again, the link: Mary A. Dempsey Responds.