Friday, July 1, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #45

In which Your Humble Blogger sees evidence of nature's big, sweeping grandness in an everyday detail:


The geese rise like mountains
From the slope of the water.
Like the mountains, they will make
The line of the entire sky.

* * *

Here's what's probably a really banal thing to say: I like thinking about shapes. Even when I briefly took up painting, I spent a lot of that time playing with geometric abstractions. But I get a lot of images that I find interesting to play with when I compare the shapes that objects (or even phenomena) take, as was the case with the poem about curves. Waves, wings, mountains, flocks in flight -- the comparison was begging to be made, I tells ya!

Currently, my closest retention pond has been taken over by mallards as well as geese. Nine new ducklings have made their debut this week. Additionally, our resident great blue heron has returned and is occasionally joined by a beautiful white crane. At the beginning of the year, I pondered doing another blog simply featuring regular updates on life at the pond. However, that would have required me to go outside often, and something about the weather this past January and February made me wonder if I could reasonably keep up with that.


  1. Shapes rock \m/ . I wanna see some of those paintings, too! :D

  2. Oh, lordy, I'm not even sure where they are right now -- I've moved a couple of time zones since then, and who knows what is still in some of the boxes we have stashed away. Plus, they were pretty lousy. Taking a painting class before your drawing skills are up to par isn't the best approach! :p