Monday, August 22, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #65

In which Your Humble Blogger starts off the week by going back to the end of 2010:

"NYE 2011"

Far from December,
the year begins with our lips.
Times Square sings for us.

* * *

Yep, that's how 2010 ended here: with a half-baked pseudo-haiku. ;) No, I don't do much celebrating on New Year's Eve. The holiday's marked by three things that I generally don't enjoy: drinking, dancing, and hanging around with lots of people. Well, to be fair, dancing is growing on me. I just don't dance in public that much. You can tell how much fun I am at parties, yes?

Ah, but it wasn't all fireworks and my sparkling personality lighting up the end of the year:

Yes! Another rejection letter! Back in September 2010, I submitted "Departure" to the Alaska Quarterly Review; I had seen a former teacher's name in the index of a recent issue and decided it was a sign. It was not. No, the sign I needed came in the form of this note, which arrived in the mail just before New Year's Eve, just before it was time to start another year of writing, another year of working at getting better.

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