Monday, August 1, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #57

In which Your Humble Blogger proclaims, "Eight is great!"

"Hanukkah (An Experiment with Eight)"

the car and
got one headlight
and a warning from
the dashboard: Check the oil --
soon, hey? I started the car;
I was off to go to my mom's.

For there were potato pancakes,
golden-fried, oil-born manna,
waiting for me; there were
prayers to sing for them!
A little light
can sometimes

A little oil will sometimes do.

* * *

Count the syllables in each line -- oh, I love playing with patterns! This is one that I like better, just because everything I needed to say actually fit into the pattern I had thought up for it.

This didn't really happen; it was just my imagination running off again, though it was doing so at a time when that icon warning me about a problem with the car's oil levels kept blinking on at odd intervals, and it just happened to be Hanukkah.

But man, do I love potato pancakes.


  1. Mmmmm, latkes... Pierogis... Kugelis... If my keyboard shorts, I'm blaming you!

    This must have been a lot of fun to write! Very playful. (Eight is my favorite number, too.)

  2. Ah, I didn't know that you were a fan of eight! (I was gonna say something about number eight being your number one... *groan....*) I can see the appeal -- the roundness, the symmetry -- though I'm a five girl myself. It has a belly, and it looks like it's wearing a hat -- yep, five's cuteness gets me, every time.

    Don't short the keyboard! There's a Polish deli in Orland -- we'll grab some latkes one of these days when the wormhole's worked out.

    As for the idea of fun in writing "Hanukkah," I think "satisfaction" better describes the feeling. When all of the puzzle pieces fall into place, sometimes the only thing you feel is, "That's about right," y'know? And often, that's just fine by me.