Friday, March 11, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #3

In which Your Humble Blogger makes a post that has links and a picture instead of a poem, thinking that it might be good to break up of the monotony of an all-text page by sharing pictures from the writing process (and also thinking that she's going to try to make this pledge to post regularly last as long as possible):

Not long ago, I saw this article posted on Facebook, all about the physical spaces in which many famous writers do (or have done) their thing. Seems that small cottages and writing huts are popular among writers, which makes sense; a lot of them, from what I hear and read, like to work in quiet spaces so that they can hear the words as they occur to them. Looking at the pictures in this article -- damn, Michael Pollan has a nice set-up!

I wonder if my small obsession with small houses has anything to with this. One of the sites I've enjoyed visiting recently just for daydreaming purposes is the site for the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, which, like thousands of other people, I saw on Yahoo!. I'm a sucker; the houses are adorable. They can be built on two-wheeled travel trailers, for crying out loud!

In case you were curious, this is where I write the poetry that I've been working on:

Why, yes, the couch is constantly bathed in holy light, thank you for asking!

This couch is parked next to the window (duh) in the room I've claimed as my office. My faithful guard dog, Mercury, is a constant fixture on the couch, as is the portable version of the American Heritage Dictionary there (must find new words and find good ways to use them!). When I'm sitting here, wrapped up in my blankie, it's a happy place.

Even when I'm visited by the frustration that makes me want to chuck my notebook across the room.

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