Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #2

In which, emboldened by her success in completing a poem the day before, Your Humble Blogger throws reason to the wind, eschewing any notion of easing herself back into poetry, and tries to write a Shakespearean sonnet:

"Around the Block"

A marriage, travel, jobs, divorce for each,
Yet, years later, they stroll around the block
They ruled as kids, till across memory's reach
He says, "I would've kissed you on that walk."

"It wasn't the right time ten years ago,"
She says. He protests that, even through scores
Of years, the chance for love is rare. "I know,"
She tells him on a breath. "Tonight is yours."

Above, the sun falls backward through the sky.
Below, bikes shift where tires and pavement meet;
They travel in reverse, and time will try
To follow them and return to the street

Where, seasons past, a girl leaned close to say,
"I wonder if I'll ever feel that way."

* * *

Not one of my favorites. Looking back, I think I can accurately say that I was trying too hard to shoehorn an idea for a story into a poetic form. And really, who tries to write a sonnet on her second try at poetry and expects it to come out perfect?! Oh, right. (I also tried a sonnet for my third and fourth attempts, with no more success, and posted about it last year.)

In case you're wondering what makes this a Shakespearean sonnet: It's all about form, baby, as this page will explain.

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