Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Dead Robots' Society, or, What to Do When Stuck at the Computer

With the exception of the times I've been in class or, you know, at some place like the grocery store, it's been rare for me to be away from the computer this year. (You wouldn't know that by looking at how infrequently I update this blog, but anyway...) I have to confess that the times when I don't have a computer-based project hanging directly over my head, like last night/this morning, are kinda glorious. I basically just sit with my notebook and whatever books I'm reading and binge.

However, during the most recent stretch of computer work, I did make a discovery for myself that made the work go by much more pleasantly. I have to emphasize that it's a discovery only within the confines of my little world, because The Dead Robots' Society podcast is up to 280 episodes as of this writing, which makes it safe to say that other people already have found and enjoyed it. But I enjoyed it, too, enough that I wanted to write about it. The show's regular contributors are all writers who are working diligently at getting their work out there, and they speak candidly (yet warmly) about how the process is going. It's heartening to hear people talk honestly about their experiences with the writing life yet also remain encouraging.

So if you're looking for an engaging podcast that discusses writing, I recommend The Dead Robots' Society. It's good enough to make me turn on my computer when I don't have to.

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