Monday, November 26, 2012

"The Memory of a Salt Shaker"

My friend Bernie is a writer who does some good work in speculative fiction. "The Memory of a Salt Shaker" is a story of his that was nominated for the Million Writers Award last year and one that he recently made available as an e-book. (It's so weird to me that one short story still gets labeled an "e-book," but I guess until terminology catches up with e-publishing's possibilities, that's what we have.)  Anyway, if you think you might like reading about love, and magic in the real world, and all that fun stuff, consider giving "The Memory of a Salt Shaker" a read. You can find it for free through Smashwords by clicking on this link or for $0.99 through Amazon and the Kindle store by clicking this link.

/shameless promotion of friend off


  1. My pleasure, Bernie. It's a good story, and it deserves attention!