Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something stinks in here.

Kevin Elliott is the kind soul in charge of the Open Books bookstore in Chicago. Here on his blog, he posts about physical books, e-books, and why indulging in only a sugary bit of nostalgia (but then leaving the bookstore without effin' buying anything) probably doesn't do much to help the case of bookstores:

Sniffing Glue

Here's the "article" that Kevin's responding to:

An E-Book Fan, Missing the Smell of Paper and Glue

The four of you here know me: I love physical books, especially the smell. But there are so many other great aspects of physical books to discuss that dashing off a trite essay about this one aspect of them to a major news outlet likely won't further any attempts to bridge the gap between physical books and e-books.

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