Friday, June 3, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #35

In which Your Humble Blogger shares something short and sweet as an excuse to link to another short work that's way better:


Your hair, set free
from its ponytail,
shows me what you believe in
with all of your years.

* * *

I really thought that I was going to skip over this poem when I began looking at this section of the notebook and trying to determine what to include on this blog. All it is is the basic expression of an idea that needs to be fleshed out more: A slightly older woman grows her hair long despite the conventions urging short hair that we see in play in society, and it's like a statement for her. (Of course, think of the subject of the poem as male, and that changes it a bit, doesn't it? Hmm....)

The reason I'm posting it is because I read a really short poem last night that made me smile, and I wanted to stay on topic and mention once again that brevity can be an interesting defining force. Here's the poem that I read; check out that brevity in action:

"Bladder Song"

I love the fact that the word "human" gets an almost-rhyme. Plus, yeah -- that's easily one of my favorite poem titles.

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