Friday, May 6, 2011

My Poetry Year: Entry #23

In which Your Humble Blogger briefly shares her opinion on adulthood before bringing up a more pressing matter:

"On Growing Up"

Becoming an adult
Was karmic punishment
For all of the fireflies
I squished as a girl.

* * *

Yep, as adults, we have to deal with responsibility and generally accept a lot less fun in our lives. Sometimes, we get those moments of joy and delight, but sadly, I have to report that one of my sources of happiness is in trouble. Evil Squirrel Comics, the comic shop that has my allegiance, is in danger of closing, and its owner, my pal Shawn, is dealing with the decidedly awful responsibility of trying to keep the store open in this economic climate, when customers just aren't coming by to pick up their books.

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, a great day to get into some great stories, because hey, pop into a store, and you'll get something to read for free. If you're in the Chicago area, or know someone who is, help increase the traffic coming in to Evil Squirrel by coming over to play or coercing your friend or relative to come here. It's in Rogers Park, just off the Morse Red Line stop at 6928 N. Glenwood, and it's a wonderful store. My days of squishing fireflies for kicks are done. Help me keep this bright light of a shop around instead.

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  1. Wonderful piece! Love the brevity of it; succinct, but resonant.

    And let everyone know that I'll be at Evil Squirrel as well! Cause you KNOW i'm a draw LOL!