Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Process of Making a Book, pt. 1

While I was making the very first copies of 'The People He Thought He Knew,' I decided that it would be good to take a few photos during the process, partly because I'm sentimental ("Aw, look at that! It's my first handmade book ever! Now get a picture with you holding it. Now one with it next to the flowers.") and partly because I could imagine myself forgetting what I had done if, by some catch of magic, I had gotten the process right on the first try.

In truth, I ended up not taking pictures of the first attempt. What you see above are the interior pages for the first five copies I made. These constitute the second attempt. When the first batch of pages came out of my printer, I was so excited -- Here it is! It's coming! My baby! My thoughts and words, collected and decently formatted! Then I inspected the pages.

The back side of each sheet of paper had been printed upside-down.

So here's a stack of the correctly printed pages that became the preview copies I brought to the San Diego Comic-Con.

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