Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally. It all comes together.

Whenever the lights in the room flicker, it's usually a sign that something interesting is about to happen.

Last week, well, it was a sign that I had turned on my printer/scanner/energy gobbler and begun printing pages.

Of course, the smaller Epson printer that I use for printing cover materials had to get in on the fun.

Not for long, though, because then it was time to return to the interior pages and start slicing.

And hammering.
(Yes, that's a chip clip being put to use.)

And sewing. 

With all of that taken care of, I could return to the cover. (And after this point, I stopped taking pictures so that I could work with the glue before it dried.)

What was the end result of all of this? Well, heh, you might, just might, have some idea. I hope it won't put you in a bind, though, if I book tomorrow as the day I finish telling you about this. "Bind"... "book"... get it? Hahaha! Haha... eh. Credit/blame for that pun goes to Wes.

(Sincere thanks to Hamish at No Media Kings for the instructions for this process.  If I've botched the steps, it's not his fault.)


  1. Great Stuff, Sheila. I'm going to turn over a new leaf and wait patiently for tomorrow's post. I'd argue that yer a tease, but I'm feeling kinda spineless today...